5 Tips and Tricks to Increase Internet Speed on Your Computer

Tips and Tricks to Increase Internet Speed

Most of the activities we do in a day involve the use of the Internet. To make sure that your Internet is at optimum speed, here are some tips and tricks to increase Internet speed. You should upgrade subscription, change service provider, utilize bandwidth, update hardware, and clean your software.

When you check your email at work, talk to your friend on Viber, check what everyone is doing on Facebook, watch a new Netflix series, download a music album, all these activities would require you to have a pretty good web connection. Internet speed varies depending on several different factors. Different countries and areas have various Internet speed. Companies also offer different Internet speed.

1. Upgrade Your Internet Plan

To begin with, you should know the speed of your current plan. To know this, review the documents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and check the speed of what you have subscribed for. Through a speed test website which you can just search on the web, test how fast your download and upload speeds are. If the download speed is close to what you have subscribed, then that means your web speed is at the optimum level. If it is not, then you can notify your ISP.

Now, if you still wish to learn more tips and tricks to increase Internet speed, contact your ISP and inquire if they have a subscription plan that has a higher speed than what you already have. If they do, then you can apply for a new subscription. To get more value for your money, ask your ISP if they have promotions that would come with upgrading your plan. It could be a new modem, a free subscription to Entertainment accounts like Netflix or Spotify.

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2. Change Your Internet Service Provider

Another one of those tips and tricks to increase Internet speed is to change your Internet Service Provider or ISP altogether. Review and compare other ISP’s plan cost and speeds. It would also be best to contact them directly and ask the availability of their service in your area. You can also research in online forums regarding the quality of service that ISPs provide in your area. It could work because some ISP’s have higher speed plans than others. There is also a difference in speed if the Internet passes through phone lines or cable TV lines.

Once you have done your research, contact the ISP of your choice to apply for the speed that you want. Make sure to terminate or cancel your subscription with your current ISP so that you won’t have two bills for the Internet. Also, be aware if your current ISP has an early-termination policy and if your subscription is past the period. Otherwise, you might have to pay your current ISP for terminating earlier than what was agreed on in the contract.

3. Utilize Bandwidth

One of the top tips and tricks to increase Internet speed is by utilizing the totality of your bandwidth. Your computer reserves up to 20% bandwidth for system updates. Using this reserved bandwidth can boost your Internet speed. To do this, open the Run window by pressing the Start button and letter R. Next, type in gpedit.msc. The Local Group Policy Editor window will appear. Double click on the following Menu: Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Network, QoS Packet Scheduler, then Limit Reservable Bandwidth. Tick on the Enabled option and set the number below to 0. Click on OK,

By doing this procedure, you have reduced the reserved bandwidth to zero meaning you can now utilize 100% of the bandwidth for browsing and downloading. Once you start browsing, you can feel the difference in the speed of your Internet.

4. Check Your Hardware

Upgrading to a faster computer can also increase the speed of your Internet as you use it. A newer computer would mean the latest and most efficient computing technology which can result in faster usage for you. A new computer would also mean fewer files and processes for your CPU to read. With this, the speed of your Internet use can increase.

If not your computer, you can also try to check your modem. Turning it off then on can sometimes do the trick since the IP address has been reset by doing this. Another option is upgrading your modem. If you have an older modem, chances are the specifications might be outdated and this could be the cause for your Internet speed not to be maximized. Make sure that the specification of the new modem can accommodate the speed of your internet.

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5. Check Your Software

Cleaning your software includes clearing your computer of junk files because they may cause your computer to slow down hence, slowing down your internet speed. This is one of the sure-fire ways to increase internet speed. Each and every time you browse the internet, your computer is left with cookies and cache which are small data that are needed for you to access the website that you want. If these cache and cookies pile up, they can occupy a significant memory space in your computer. Hence, your computer and internet speed can slow down.

By clearing your computer of junk files and browsing data, you can free up some space in the memory of your computer. With this, your computer no longer needs to read a lot of stuff unnecessarily so your computer browsing, downloading, and uploading will increase.

In Conclusion

There is other technical stuff that you can try to increase Internet speed. These tips and tricks to increase Internet speed are the most fundamental and least complicated of them all. Also, performing these tips will contribute a huge difference in your internet speed.

In changing your internet subscription, since you already have an idea of what speed you want, your internet speed can increase. This is the same with changing your internet service provider. Making use of your total bandwidth can also dramatically increase the speed of your internet. Checking or modifying your hardware and software can also make a difference in your Internet speed. Now and then, it can help the performance of your internet and your computer in general if you perform regular checks, clean-ups, and upgrades in them.